Star Bearer Saga

The start of the journey

Our heroes started on their journey, even though they didn’t realize what they were getting into.

After a drawing of names by the local Keeper at the direction of the Guardians, there was some question about how random said drawing actually was for those who were to go to the Green Temple deep within the Sleeping Forest.

The selected group attempted to start their trek, but after about 10 minutes of walking, were ending up walking out of the forest instead of in, no matter how much they insisted they were going straight ahead the whole time.

There was some definite unrest in the crowd the third time this occurred, with shouts of outrage being heard here and there as some believed that the drawing had been rigged in some way. While the Keeper tried to calm the people and explain that all was well, he suddenly was possessed by a Guardian, who used the Keeper’s body temporarily to speak to the people.

“Because the Keeper did not obey our words, we will choose.”

So the heroes learned their new fate and set out right away for the temple as instructed by the Guardian.

They crossed into the Sleeping Forest, which was as quiet as its name implied it to be. There was a sound of wind, distant bird calls, and the gentle rustle of leaves as animals moved around, but nothing truly disturbed the near silence.

After a while, they came upon a small clearing with a marble bowl on a pedestal, under a silver trellis, and surrounded by fruit trees, berry bushes, vines and heavy underbrush. On the pedestal was an inscription, asking for an answer to what grew out of place.

After some searching around, and with no other path, the group discovered that there were several types of fruits and berries growing in the area that normally wouldn’t be present there. They put one of each type in the bowl and the growth on one side of the clearing parted for them to pass.

As they went deeper into the forest, not only did the number of exotic plants increase, but there was also glimpses of animals out of place as well. The size of the trees were also unusual, growing to truly mammoth heights.

Night fell, but no one really felt tired, and with the fact that every living thing in the forest was covered in light, the way forward was easy to find.

It wasn’t much longer before they came upon a much larger clearing the in trees, this time with an actual laid path leading to the center where there was a low cylindrical building. The land around it was laid out in concentric circles of gardens, which while they didn’t look kept, weren’t wild or overgrown either. Just outside the building was a shallow moat filled with clear water and koi, which could be crossed by a small silver bridge.

Inside the Temple, the party met a woman, wearing a flowing pale green dress, dark green hair, and sharp golden eyes, standing at a large pool. The pool was in the center of the building, which was open to the sky. It looked deep and reflected the stars from above.

She told them that the Stars had fallen from their places and they had been chosen to get them back and return them, so that the universe could be properly balanced again.

After a short conversation, the woman told them that they would be sent to the city of (to fill in at home) to begin their quest. She also said that someone would meet them there to help them get started. Then she told them to jump into the pool, and swim towards the bottom, which would get them to the city. Vitao had to be pushed, but all of them eventually headed out as asked.

They emerged in small reflecting pool in the city of (fill in), only a couple of feet deep, in a little park off a semi-busy street.

As they went out to the street, they were treated to a sight of buildings, some as tall as the giant trees of the inner forest, as far as the eye could see. On the street itself were mechanical devices, like none of them had ever seen, but were quickly identified as vehicles of some kind.

They found a public vehicle stop at the corner and proceeded to ride around for a while, taking in the sights and hoping to find the local temple or equivalent, in hopes of meeting their contact. They were lucky and managed to find not only a temple, but a small plaza consisting of the temple itself, the (adventurer’s guild), and assorted shops catering to the (guild) members.

They were spoken to by a member of the (guild) as they were standing in the plaza who tried to impart some wisdom and encourage them to check out the (guild) as a resource. Vitao went shopping and got some candy.



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