Vitao Noxifer

Grifting halfbreed elf, jerk with a heart of silver.


A secretive, asocial fellow, he seems hell-bent on alienating potential friends and allies, as if averse to having anyone like him. Though unwilling to share or explain anything of himself, he may still be won over by the persistent.


What can be discerned:

Vitao is not a pure elf. His features are too broad, his teeth too sharp, and he is… short. He might tell you more if you ask. But probably not before you buy him a drink.

He’s about the age equivalent of a 65 year old human, though it’s hard to tell if his hair has turned silver, or always been that slightly metallic shade. His face is lined, but his eyes are bright and clever. He’s always looking for the next angle.

In his native land, he’s been a wanderer and a huckster of various trades – a drifter grifter, if you will – for as long as his memory recalls.
His is a hand experienced not only in fortune telling, the artful crafting of ‘ancient good luck charms’, and brewing medicinal tonics which often actually work; but also cooking, sewing and other skills important for full self-sufficiency.

Vitao Noxifer

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